How SMO can Strengthen Your SEO Efforts?

Though social media optimization was developed to work independently from search engine optimization but now the scenario has been changed. Digital marketers and SEO professionals across the world are using SMO for boosting their SEO campaigns.

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Here are some SMO principles that can empower your SMO with SEO benefits-

Reputation:-Simply put, your reputation depends on your expertise. While developing or curating content for social media, you must pick superior quality content. Availability of good and useful content will make your pages reliable sources of information and as a result of that, your reputation will increase. Besides, the way you interact with your followers matters a lot. You must interact with people through comments and discussions. While engaging with others, you must make sure that you are friendly and supportive. Your replies to people’s comments should be helpful in resolving their queries and clearing their doubts.

Engagement:- To get the maximum out of your SMO efforts, you need to have an active engagement with the audience. You can engage through commenting, shares, likes, mentions etc. Engagement becomes even more important when you use the content of someone else. Whatever social media network you may be using, you must encourage people to interact with you. You can engage with LinkedIn groups and Google+ communities and get access to a huge audience. To initiate interaction, you can use good calls to action. However, don’t compel your target audience to create an account on your website for commenting. It discourages them. Use existing accounts like Facebook and LinkedIn.

Authority:- Search engines prefer those individuals and organizations that are relied on by internet users and consider them as authoritative. Setting up a Google Authorship account can help you in establishing yourself as an expert. An account with Google Authorship has better visibility in search results when compared to other accounts. There’s one more way to augment the authority, social proof. If your content is shared considerably on social media channels, search engines will view you as a trusted entity.

Leadership:- When it comes to social media optimization, leadership is all about conducting high-quality research and creating original and useful content. Inferior pieces of content can project you as a substandard brand and hence, you will lag behind in the race. Moreover, such content is not shared by much of people. Providing fresh, relevant, and informative content can make you emerge as a leader.

Social:- For good SMO results, you need to build good networks. While building networks, you need to give higher preference to quality than quantity. Identify the leaders in your field and engage with them while putting across your thoughts in an impressive way. It will take you to the right target audience and hence, you will be able to build great networks.

Media Platforms:- Obviously, when it’s about social media optimization, what media platforms you use matters substantially. It’s quite imperative to select the most appropriate platforms, groups, and communities. You have to ascertain where you can find your target audience and then target those platforms and groups.

Optimization:- Let’s have a look at ways through which you can optimize the SMO efforts for your business-

  1. 1. Make Your Content Easy to Share: Never forget to add share buttons to the content you promote. Showing the total numbers of shares can be great as it serves a social proof of the popularity of the content.


  • 2. Include Social Icons: Display all your social icons in a noticeable place on your website. In makes easier for the visitors of your site to reach your social media pages.


  • 3. Display Subscription Options: Group all your subscription options like RSS feed, newsletter, and e-mail together and place them alongside your social media icons on the website.


  • 4. Use Shareable Content: If your content is not shareable, it will not reach a substantial number of people. That’s why you need to pay great attention that your content is shareable.


  • 5. Allow Social Login: There are many internet users who don’t want to create a login account on every website they visit. You can’t overlook such people. Provide them with an option to log-in through any of their social media accounts.


  • 6. Provide Rich Snippets: Make use of OpenGraph for Facebook and Google+ and TwitterCards for Twitter to add useful snippets to your followers. The snippets should be created in a way that it presents a summary of the content being shared impressively.


  • 7. Optimize Title Tags: The title tags of your social media content should be well optimized. This goes especially for Twitter which has a character limit.


  • 8. Use Good Images: While creating content for sharing, you must include high-quality images that are pertinent to the content. It would be better if you pick or create images that can be used as thumbnails as well.


Keeping all the above points in mind while designing an SMO campaign can surely make you achieve better results from your SEO efforts also. A good digital marketing company or professional will never overlook these steps.

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