Some Lesser-Known but Powerful AdWords Features

Since its inception, Google AdWords has been the base of online success of countless businesses. Effective use of this tool allows you to outrank your competitors by bringing in more leads. But not many people realize that they are not utilizing some very effective features of this promotional tool. In fact, many people just don’t know about the existence of these features. Have a look-

Call-Only Campaigns

As per Google, 70% of people who make online searches from mobiles call the business that seems most appropriate instantly. This observation encouraged Google to launch Call-Only Campaigns. Businesses that find phone calls more beneficial than website visits can opt for this campaign and increase their sales. In Call-Only Campaigns, you pay only when somebody makes a call to your business through Google Search. Isn’t that fantastic?

Ad Extensions

If you analyze a couple of ads for a particular keyword, you’ll find that some ads are having extra features or have elaborated things in a better way. It can be done easily with the help of ad extensions. You can use these extensions for a better user experience and achieve a higher click-through rate. It also helps in increasing your online visibility. Here’s a brief description of each ad extension-

Sitelink Extension:- Through this extension, you can add some relevant links to web pages on your site.

Call Extensions:- By using call extension, you can provide your proposed customers an opportunity to call you directly from search results.

Callout Extension:- If you want to add some extra ad copy to you AdWords ad, you can do it with Callout extension.

Location Extension:- This extension is highly beneficial for businesses that want searchers to know their location.

Review Extension:- Review extension allows businesses to display reviews about them in the AdWords ad.

App Extension:- For businesses that want internet users to download an app from an app store, app extension allows to include a link from where the app can be downloaded.

Structured Snippets:- It allows you to add text about your product or service for a better user experience.

Customer Match

Almost all businesses having online presence use inbound marketing practices and maintain a database of emails. Did you ever know you can make use of the same email list while executing an AdWords campaign and retarget those users? Just upload your customers’ email list to AdWords and Google will show your ads to them when they sign into Google Search, Gmail, or YouTube.

Ad Customizers

With the help of ad customizers, you can change the text in the ads as per the query of searchers. It’s highly beneficial for businesses that promote multiple products or services through a single ad campaign. When customers will find the text in ads matching their queries, they will definitely like to know more about the offer, and hence, leads to your business will increase.

Interest Targeting

Google is going smarter with each passing day, and that’s why today it doesn’t understand the requirements of a searcher through keywords alone. It tries to figure out the interest of a person through various ways and use this information for showing them ads as per their interest. It will help taking your ads to the people who are really interested in them. For targeting users that are actively searching for the type of products or services you offer, you should us in-market audience. On the other hand, if you want to target searchers as per their overall interests, you should go for affinity audiences.

App Promotion Ads

In case you want people to download your app, you can use App Promotion Ads that have a button which takes internet users directly to the app store from where they can download the app easily. It means they don’t need to visit a website that redirects to the app store. So, no unnecessary steps are involved in the process.

While executing your next PPC management campaign, you can make use of the above features and get the maximum out of your efforts. These features are very easy to use and make sure that your online marketing campaigns meet the preset goals timely.

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