For Email/Chat Support

For Email/Chat Support

What customers feel about your brand should be one of the biggest concerns of any modern age business. The quality of customer support is something that determines your brand image. But having an in-house team for e-mail support or chat support can prove to be a costly affair.

You can think about hiring a virtual e-mail support executive to take care of your customers the way you want. A virtual customer care executive helps your business grow with more customer by improving customer satisfaction through courteous and efficient communication.

What our e-mail and chat assistant can do?

Take quick action on customers' queries and issues
Resolving queries and issues within standard time frames
Updating information about new products, services, and offers
Forwarding e-mails and chat text to the relevant department
Learning processes and procedures involved in selling
Maintain databases of complaints and queries for future reference

Benefits of hiring our virtual e-mail & chat assistants

When you hire virtual chat support executive from Saivion Technologies, you are entitled to the following benefits-

A virtual e-mail support assistant can provide you a lot of information about the complaints, expectations, and suggestions of your customers.

Swift assistance whenever needed leaves a positive impression on customers & provides great customer satisfaction which leads to a stronger brand image.

Quick support makes your customers realize how much you care for them and your customer base increases rapidly along with the brand loyalty.

When you hire assistants, they get all the technological and mechanical resources from the company you team up with; hence, good savings.

When you don't have an additional in-house team to manage, you can pay better attention to the core activities of the business.

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