Magento Development


Magento Development

Choose Magento Development for a Remarkable Online Selling Experience

Magento is an open-source web application written in PHP which aims at making online selling a convenient and swift process. Though running an online store on Magento can be a little expensive than other e-commerce platforms, the power that Magento offers justifies the cost. It allows for easy customization, convenient database management, functionality addition, and effective marketing.

However, handling this CMS is not something that anybody can do; its operation requires professional proficiency. Magento developers at Saivion Technologies have years of experience and profound knowledge to deliver any types of projects successfully. We have assisted several businesses in securing a robust marketing share in the e-commerce sector.

How is Magento the Best E-commerce CMS?


Allows Uploading Unlimited Products

Yes, unlimited products! Isn't that great? You can upload as many products as you want to your e-store. That too with high-quality images. You can create multiple categories and subcategories for better placement of product on the store.


Customer-centric Platform

E-stores powered by Magento provides a great shopping experience through several customer-centric features like product comparison, reviews and ratings, multiple shipping addresses, and single page checkout.


Well-optimized for Search Engines

Magento is preloaded with search engine optimization and promotional tools that help in getting favorable rankings for the online store. The codes of the CMS are written in a search engine friendly way for a brilliant SEO performance.


Hassle-free Upgrade Options

Magento is evolving with time and every new version comes with more features and functionalities. The best thing is upgrading to a new Magento version is a very hassle-free and risk-free process. Your customization settings remain unchanged after upgrades.


Facilitates Multi-store Operation

With Magento, you can control multiple stores with a common admin panel. And you can do this with a single hosting plan. Apart from that, you enjoy the convenience of a single customer database.


Designed to Boost Salest

Magento has many things to offer to customers. It's loyalty building and customer retention programs are designed to expand the customer base of e-stores. Plus, it features up-selling, cross-selling, store credit, coupon, and e-mail marketing reminder options also.


Multi-currency & Multi-linguistic Support

This one goes especially for those entrepreneurs who are either operating in more than one countries or have the vision to do the same. Shoppers would be more comfortable with the e-stores that feature their native language and currency.

Magento Development Services Offered by Saivion Technologies

For an E-store that Provides Irresistible Shopping Experience

Stay Unique, Stay Impressive

Get Your Online Store Designed the Way You Want

Complement Your Store with a Superior Shopping Cart

Acquire Functionalities that Enhance Your E-store

Migrate to What's the Best for Your Business

Let Us take Care of Technicalities Involved

What Sets Saivion Technologies Apart as a
Magento Development Company?

We Develop, You Control

In case you are looking for a Magento development company that provides you with absolute control after development, your search ends here. Saivion Technologies' Magento website development services allow e-store owners to control everything on their own.

Increased Returns

Our cost-effective Magento development services are designed to maximize the sales of our client businesses, which translates into more profits. This way, our services offer good returns on investment.

Excellent User Experience

Satisfactory user experience is imperative for the success of an online store. Magento developers at Saivion Technologies optimize user experience through good speed, social media integration, blog, live chat etc.

Unmatched Expertise

We are working as a Magento development company for more than 8 years and have gained exceptional dexterity in developing feature-rich and user-friendly e-stores. We can also help with third-party extension integration and database management.

Client Support

Whether you want technical or non-technical assistance, we are always there for you. Our support is available around the clock. You can contact us via email, telephone, or live chat whenever you encounter an issue or have a query.